Desktop Wallpaper Calendar June 2015

I’ve been playing with double exposure photography. This is my first image and I just love it. From the moment it emerged, I’ve been drawn to it and keep coming back to it. That’s why I knew it was the perfect choice for the Desktop Wallpaper Calendar June 2015.

I still can’t figure […]

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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar May 2015

This weekend, we have had the most spectacularly perfect weather ever! Maybe I’m appreciating it more because we had such a terrible winter here on the east coast. I’m loving the tulips blooming. I hope you like this one for your Desktop Wallpaper Calendar for May, in two sizes: regular […]

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April Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

It’s finally spring here in Maryland. The days are longer, the breezes are warmer. Daffodils are just starting to bloom. I can’t wait for the tulips in a couple of weeks.
Here’s the April Desktop Wallpaper Calendar in two sizes. Celebrate nature with these crashing waves.

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March 2015 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Here in the US Northeast, we are soooo ready for spring. As I write this, snow blankets the countryside and the temperatures are in the 20’s. Therefore, I chose an image from Playa Mita, Mexico for the March 2015 desktop wallpaper calendar.  Because I would like to look at this […]

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Weekend Wanderings

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Weekend Wanderings is a weekly series of curated links from around the web to inspire, entertain, delight.
Grab your favorite latte or herbal tea and enjoy…


cara moulds

Weekend Wanderings:

In honor of Valentine’s Day, 10 inspiring quotes about love and marriage.

I’m all for self-love, […]

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It’s so easy to overlook the beauty and symbolism of nature. This bee hive, for example, is a work of art lying in a pile of woodland debris. The cells are all hexagons, which are six sides. Six is symbolic of love, communication, balance and union. The bees raise their families in the […]

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We Are Here to Give

Today, I’m contemplating vairagya, or non-attachment, with this passage from Patanjali:

Sacrifice is the law of life. Why does a candle burn? To give light. Why does a tree grow? To give fruit and flowers. Is there anything, sentient or insentient, in this world that lives for its own sake? No. […]

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Grace in Simplicity

It is barren and cold here now. Everything is brown. I took this photo in November; those curling leaves are no more. Yet here they are, reminding me of spring and sunshine.  Reminding me that there is such grace in simplicity when we step out of time, into the eternal now.

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Weekend Wanderings

I love the slow pace of weekends, easing into the day, savoring my coffee. In “the old days” (did I just say that? I sound like my mother) I used to look forward to the arrival of the Sunday paper. I could sit for hours looking through the magazine-style advertisements, […]

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The Magus

The Magus

This was a life-changing piece of literature for me. Seriously life changing.

I had a brilliant professor who taught The Magus with Great Expectations  in a Comparative Literature class.  It was not merely brilliant; it was divinely inspired.

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Shakti represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe, and the personification of the divine feminine creative power.  Originally, this image was an autumn tree with orange and red leaves.

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Free February Desktop Wallpaper 2015

Reverence for Life is the image for the free February Desktop Wallpaper 2015.

I’ve included two sizes: one regular and one wide-screen.  The link will expire in March. You can download the image, right-click the saved image, and choose “Set as Desktop Background.”

February Desktop Wallpaper 1280

February Desktop […]

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