the happiness map rectangle

  • Do you wake up exhausted and stressed just thinking about your schedule and what needs to get done?
  • Do you feel like you’re on a fast train going in the wrong direction?
  • Do you have dreams on the backburner while you’re pursuing “success”?

I’ve been there, so I get it. Who has time to be ‘happy’? Look at my to-do list!

When I was deep in overwhelm and stress working as an administrator while parenting a middle-schooler, I realized I needed to figure out a way to do things differently.  And what I started seven years ago evolved into the method I’m sharing with you today, and it transformed my life.

You will experience

  • an increase in positive thoughts and emotions

  • feelings of peace of mind and well-being

  • better focus and concentration

That’s not just my opinion. Those are the results from this study by psychologists on stressed-out college students.

Your  increased focus and concentration mean you’ll be more productive with less stress!

Once you start doing this, you’ll forget how miserable you used to be, and how miserable most people around you are! Because they won’t be miserable around you. Which sounds weird, but it’s true.  You will shift your life so much that negative people won’t even bother complaining to you anymore.

Get started now! The Happiness MAP Toolkit will change your life!

The foundation of this program is the Morning Appreciation/Affirmation Page, which incorporates journaling with mindfulness meditation. Even if you think you can’t meditate or practice mindfulness, you can do this. Because this is the EASY way in.

The psychologists in the mindfulness meditation study with college students used a combination of journaling and appreciation to teach mindfulness meditation.  They “chose to use gentler techniques that would gradually and slowly teach them to first become more consciously aware of the workings of their mind, then learn to focus on positive thoughts and images.

Here’s what’s in The Happiness MAP Toolkit and why:

A 30-day Illustrated Happiness MAP Journal

This is specially designed by me to incorporate strategic, research-based tools to increase your happiness. Each journal page is illustrated with my fine-art nature photography to increase your vibrational levels. The border colors for each page are matched to the photograph.  You can use all 30 pages (each one is unique), or just print the ones with photos or colors you love.  You can create a personalized monthly mindfulness journal.   Each journal page has a brief section for affirmation statements and the majority of the page for appreciations. The rationale and evidence for using this structure is explained in the program introduction. Here are 18 pages:

happiness_map_1 happiness_map_2 happiness_map_3 happiness_map_4 happiness_map_5 happiness_map_6 happiness_map_7 happiness_map_8 happiness_map_9 happiness_map_10 happiness_map_11 happiness_map_12happiness_map_13 happiness_map_14 happiness_map_15 happiness_map_16 happiness_map_17 happiness_map_18

A Guided Meditation

This meditation includes techniques similar to the Silva Method to help you reach a deep meditative state. Then the meditation guides you to your very own sacred garden sanctuary where your special journal waits for you on a bench. You can revisit this space as often as you like.  This meditation focuses on visualizing your desires and dreaming big. In the meditation, whatever you write in your sacred journal will manifest.  You can choose to visualize writing in your journal, or you can pause the meditation and actually write in the meditation journal included.

Illustrated Meditation Journal

There are five illustrated journal pages created specifically to accompany this meditation.  Each page is illustrated with one of my zen meditation rockstack photographs, coordinating colors, and includes headings to match the topics in the meditation. You could use the meditation and journaling pages as much as you want, but most people would probably start with once a week or once a month.

A Pledge to Shift Your Life

This is explained in the program.  It’s huge,  powerful, and life-changing.

Weekly Email Support

About once a week, I’ll send you an email to check in on how you’re doing, because I know it will be easy to download this toolkit and then never get started! Or to get started and then get sidetracked. That’s why it takes 21 days to develop a habit. And that’s why I’ll be sending weekly emails. 🙂

Bonus Journaling Pages

Ok, so I love creating stuff. Once I got going, I loved the journal pages so much, I thought, why not make some more.  So I’ve included BONUS journaling pages for you.

They are all so different that you can choose the ones you really love and just print those out.  There are some that are bold, dark colors and others that are soft, pastel colors.  Some that are woodlands and some that are macro flowers.  Some that are oceans and some that are trees. You can create your own personalized journal that really resonates with YOU.

Keep printing out new sets of 30 for every month.
Because it is my sincere, heart-felt hope for you, that once you start doing this, your life changes so much that you want to keep doing it forever. Like I do.

Get started RIGHT NOW for only $34!

You get the full 66 page book, plus a 12 minute guided meditation, plus the pledge, plus email support! It’s a no-brainer if you really want to change your life, be more focused and productive, less stressed-out, and happier.