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Whether you’re looking for answers to life questions or inspiration for consciousness evolution, the spiritual readings offered below are a great place to start.

Spiritual Readings on Oneness Consciousness

Ervin Laszlo 

Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  This is one of his Sixteen Hallmarks of the New Consciousness from The Oneness Declaration:

The separate identity I attach to other humans and other things is but a convenient convention that facilitates my interaction with them. My family and my community are just as much “me” as the organs of my body.  Ervin Laszlo 

Ram Dass

Ram Dass first went to India in 1967. He was still Dr. Richard Alpert, a prominent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. In India, he met his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, affectionately known as Maharajji, who gave Ram Dass his name, which means “servant of God.”  Be Here Now, Ram Dass’s monumentally influential and seminal work, still stands as the highly readable centerpiece of Western articulation of Eastern philosophy, and how to live joyously a hundred per cent of the time in the present, luminous or mundane.

Community is when human beings come together in the shelter of each other. We are a community of beings acknowledging the dual intention of working on ourselves as an offering to others, and working with others as a way of working on ourselves. Our lives are training sessions to turn ourselves into instruments of true kindness and compassion.  –Ram Dass

Jean Houston

Jean Houston, Ph.D., scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement.

In our time we have come to the stage where the real work of humanity begins. It is the time where we partner Creation in the creation of ourselves, in the restoration of the biosphere, the regenesis of society and in the assuming of a new type of culture; the culture of Kindness.
Herein, we live daily life reconnected and recharged by the Source, so as to become liberated and engaged in the world and in our tasks. – Jean Houston

Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg is a meditation teacher and author. She is the cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massachusetts, and has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the West. The ancient Buddhist practices of vipassana(mindfulness) and metta (lovingkindness) are the foundations of her work.

Meditation practice releases us from the grasp of the habitual tendencies that distort our perception (e.g. holding on to what we like as though we could control change, and pushing away what we don’t like as though our rejection could make it disappear), and allows us to see life more clearly. What is revealed through clear seeing is a world where no one and no thing stands apart. The realization of interconnectedness becomes the basis for how we act, both in a personal way, such as within our families, and in a more global way, as we participate in social justice efforts.  Sharon Salzberg

Deepak Chopra

The fear of death comes from limited awareness. As long as you think of your real self as the person you are, then of course you’re going to be fearful of death. But what is a person? A person is a pattern of behavior, of a larger awareness. You know, the two-year-old dies before the three-year-old shows up, the three-year-old dies before the teenager shows up. -Deepak Chopra

Wayne Dyer

Whatever the divine power is that is moving the checkers of life around, it all fits together. That divine power saw someone who wanted to teach self-reliance and gave him a life as an orphan. I was also given a brother, older but smaller and weaker, who needed to be taken care of. This is how I’ve come to look at my life—the way all the pieces seem to fit together. I’m asking you to look at your life like this, too. Instead of looking  with regret, instead of looking with fear, anger, pain, and sadness, try looking at your life from a perspective that the whole thing is divinely orchestrated. It’s the most amazing shift. -Wayne Dyer

A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is available as daily online lessons at this link.  ACIM is a complete self-study spiritual thought system. The “miracle” is defined as the shift in perception from fear to love.

What perception sees and hears appears to be real because it permits into awareness only what conforms to the wishes of the perceiver. This leads to a world of illusions, a world which needs constant defense precisely because it is not real. When you have been caught in the world of perception you are caught in a dream. You cannot escape without help, because everything your senses show merely witnesses to the reality of the dream.

Gary Zukav

Nothing we see or cannot see, long for or push away, celebrate or regret is not love. Everything and its opposite is love. When you see this, you step into love.

Your life – all of your experiences – becomes an uninterrupted flow of opportunities to expand into love instead of contract into fear. You see the power of your choices and the extent of your responsibility for what they create. -Gary Zukav

Amir Zoghi

The moment that you label possibilities as one possible outcome, you are limiting all other possible outcomes and therefore you are limiting your possibility. You see, in the present moment you have infinite possibilities but you are continually limiting those possibilities to what you are labeling as being possible or not. -Amir Zoghi

 Beacons of Light

You do not have to keep your work energy separate from your passion any longer. You are grand beings living in the fifth dimension. You can have it all, and you can have it all now. Yes, we know many of you are experiencing challenges. You have set your goals and stepped one foot in front of the other aiming toward those goals. Then suddenly everything shifted and your goals are in one direction and your momentum in another. Power was never in the goal, but power was in the step you made toward it.  –Beacons of Light


Eventually, every single soul currently alive on earth will realise this. Because Oneness is the true state of being of everyone and everything, there is nowhere else for us to go other than to return our consciousness to Oneness. So that is an inevitability. If we just leave things as they are and wait for everyone to find their way there it might, however, take a very long time for that to happen.

There are, you see, a great many very powerful interests vested in separation. Every single one of the most powerful organisations, institutions and individuals on planet earth right now, ALL derive their power from manufacturing as much separation between us as possible. Their power comes from our fear and pain.

Our collective awakening to Oneness will promptly make them and all their abusive systems of control and manipulation redundant. So obviously they are working against that and they are, as mentioned, very powerful. But they work against the truest nature of the very universe. They work against their own truest nature. And the time has come for the changing of the direction of the tide of life. The time has come for our collective awakening. And so the time is come for us to stop waiting for unity consciousness to flower and to take an active hand in it’s co-creation.

The time is NOW.