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Using the Four Levels of Awareness

Why am I talking so much about energy?  Because your overall vibrational level significantly impacts your life experiences, which I think you’ll understand better after you watch the video this week.  Today I’m adding Michael Beckwith‘s Four Levels of Awareness/Awakening to the Hawkins Map of Consciousness.  You may be familiar with Beckwith from The Secret, or from Oprah’s Soul Series. He is the founder and spiritual director of the Agape International Spiritual Center.  Understanding his four levels of awareness was a real “aha” moment for me.  It helped me recognize areas of my life where I needed to grow AND showed me how far I could evolve by shifting my life view and my story.   In the video, I explain the four levels of awareness, compare them to the vibrational levels in Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness, and show you how the first level Life View and God View impacts your perception of the world regarding money issues.

(If you prefer to read, here’s the transcript.)

So, how do you use this information???  Well, first, for some of you, if these are new ideas, then just the AWARENESS of these levels of awakening can open you up to a paradigm shift, a new way of looking at the world and your place in it.  The next way to USE this information is to look at the areas where you rated yourself BELOW 200 and BE THE WATCHER to see if you are creating VICTIM STORIES around that topic.  Just the ability to identify these thought patterns allows you to begin to change them.  That is the first step of awakening.

If you realize you’re stuck in victim stories and need some help, here are three options:
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