A Note From Cara  cara moulds the writing temple founder

Hi! I’m Cara Moulds, a writer, journaler, photographer, artist, teacher, coach, spiritual seeker, visionary.

I’ve been writing for my whole life. Journaling, morning pages, fiction, poetry, blog posts, non-fiction.  I’ve USED writing to get through the dark valleys of my life… through divorce, being a single mother on welfare, being estranged from my son, being in my dream job that was consuming my life. I survived every existential aspect of my life journey by writing through it. It’s a sacred practice and I do it Every. Single. Day.  Even when I was working 70 hours a week and especially when I was grieving the loss of my living son and grandson.

I understand that writing, and all creativity, starts from the inside… from the trifecta of CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY, & PRODUCTIVITY. You need all three. Mindset is the game changer. You have to balance right brain creativity (feminine energy) with left brain structure and strategy (masculine energy). I’m a master at helping you take big ideas and break them down into SMALL STEPS that you can fit into your hectic life. I understand the power of rituals and habits, of alignment and vibrational energy.  For over 25 years, I’ve been helping people dream big and achieve goals through small steps and daily mindset practice.

Oh, and I’m also a former National Board Certified English Teacher and high school administrator, a  CTA Certified Coach, fine art photographer with numerous exhibits including a permanent one here. I have an MLA from Johns Hopkins University with courses in literature and creative writing. I’m a spiritual seeker and lifelong learner.

Writing is the pathway through the entire journey.