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So you WANT to write.

You NEED to write.

You probably have a journal (or five) sitting there with blank pages. You love looking at other women’s stuffed traveler’s notebooks and moleskines and you long to fill volumes like that yourself.

Because you know you will be a different person on the other side of that filled journal.

You’ll be more self-aware. You’ll feel accomplished, be more productive. You’ll be ready to write that book. You’ll be ready to launch that art project. You’ll be ready to start painting again.

You’ll discover your calling if you don’t already know it.

You know that if you just started writing, these things would happen. So you

  • start doing journaling prompts… but don’t stick with it
  • buy a moleskine or traveler’s notebook… but are afraid to mess up the first page
  • sign up for Nanowrimo… but don’t finish
  • buy blog writing courses… but only post twice

What if you could start writing with a group of women just like you. Women who are midlife and deeply wise. Have you stifled and buried your creativity for so long that you now feel this deep calling to reconnect with your inner self and rediscover your craft? What if you could do this in a sacred space that would transform you and liberate your creativity?

“The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.”  -Mary Oliver

What is it costing you to NOT write?

This is calling to you, or you would not be here. You want clarity about your purpose and the calling that you can feel nudging you. You want the courage to liberate your creativity and start KNOWING YOUR SELF.  You want the confidence to share your gifts with the world in a way that only you can do, and that you are being called to do!

Enter the Writing Temple

This is not another program or course that will take up space on your hard drive. This is a path from writer’s block to writing regularly, maybe even every day if that’s what you want. It’s a blend of the solitude you need for writing with a supportive, structured framework and a community of like-minded women.

It’s not a program; it’s an experience. You’ll actually be writing, with me and the other women in the temple of wise women.

Here’s how the experience will unfold. You’ll receive… (click on each box for details)

the writing temple weekly audio retreat

Weekly Audio Retreat

A mini audio retreat of centering activities, writing prompts, poetry, meditations, journaling questions, photo prompts, and productivity coaching.

the writing temple live writing sessions

Live Writing Sessions

Once a month, we write together on Zoom. Bring your work-in-progress, fiction, non-fiction, blog posts, website copy, poetry, journaling, art journaling, whatever. We create a container of sacred space and intention for focused flow.

the writing temple montly live satsung

Monthly Live Satsung

Once a month, we gather for satsung with hot-seat coaching based on the monthly theme and live mastermind writing critiques in a sacred space.

the writing temple weekly accountability

Weekly Accountability

Each weekly retreat session concludes with time for you to set goals for writing and self-care. Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email asking you to declare your goals and post them in the FB group.

the writing temple private facebook group

Private FB Group

Our own Wise Women Private Facebook group to share responses to the weekly audios, post writing for feedback & critiques, share published writing and support each other.

the writing temple customized resources

Customized Resources

Ongoing customized resources developed based on the needs of Wise Women Writing.

Become a founding member for a small commitment: $29/month

As a founding member, you can lock in this introductory price, get more personalized attention from me, and work with an intimate group of women. For less than a cup of coffee a day, you could follow this deep calling to reconnect with your inner self and rediscover your craft.

I’m addicted to writing now! I’m regularly writing a few pages a day, it’s so valuable to have a community to support me.  – Andrea Shillington

If not now, when?

In my experience, I’ve seen so many women… intelligent multi-talented midlife women… who feel disconnected from their inner self and who they are. Maybe you’ve spent your entire adult life putting other people or their careers first, before your own passions or desires. Now there is an awakening in you, your soul is rising up. But you’re not sure how to answer.


A Note From Cara  cara moulds the writing temple founder

Hi! I’m Cara Moulds, a writer, journaler, photographer, artist, teacher, coach, spiritual seeker, visionary.

I’ve been writing for my whole life. Journaling, morning pages, fiction, poetry, blog posts, non-fiction.  I’ve USED writing to get through the dark valleys of my life… through divorce, being a single mother on welfare, being estranged from my son, being in my dream job that was consuming my life. I survived every existential aspect of my life journey by writing through it. It’s a sacred practice and I do it Every. Single. Day.  Even when I was working 70 hours a week and especially when I was grieving the loss of my living son and grandson.

I understand that writing, and all creativity, starts from the inside… from the trifecta of CREATIVITY, SPIRITUALITY, & PRODUCTIVITY. You need all three. Mindset is the game changer. You have to balance right brain creativity (feminine energy) with left brain structure and strategy (masculine energy). I’m a master at helping you take big ideas and break them down into SMALL STEPS that you can fit into your hectic life. I understand the power of rituals and habits, of alignment and vibrational energy.  For over 25 years, I’ve been helping people dream big and achieve goals through small steps and daily mindset practice.

Oh, and I’m also a former National Board Certified English Teacher and high school administrator, a  CTA Certified Coach, fine art photographer with numerous exhibits including a permanent one here. I have an MLA from Johns Hopkins University with courses in literature and creative writing. I’m a spiritual seeker and lifelong learner.

Writing is the pathway through the entire journey.

You can feel it. YOUR creative work is calling you now, from deep within you. Writing is the first step to take on this journey. Your soul will guide you through your writing, if you let it. If you commit to your creativity and give it power and time.

Follow Your Calling. Liberate Your Creativity.

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