Resources for your spiritual awakening. Some of the videos refer to exercises using David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.  I’ve included all those resources after the videos.  Read. Watch. Do.


The Secret to Living Your Brightest Life

The first step in nearly every meditation or stress relieving activity is deep breathing, and now I have a visual of why it’s so important. That breath fills every cell in your body with life energy: Qi in Taoist philosophy, prana in Hindu belief, or the “breath of life” given by God to Adam in the Abrahamic creation story.  Our collective unconscious knows the power of that life energy.

You can tap into that energy and bring more of it into your body with every deep breath, especially if you visualize the breath filling you with white light.  Filling every cell in your body. Every organ, tissue, and muscle.  Click HERE to learn more about the power of your breath and white light visualization.

The Movie of Your Life

I can still recall that moment of awareness, an epiphany.  I was watching the first Harry Potter movie with my son; we hadn’t seen it in many years. When The Deathly Hallows was released, we decided to watch all the movies from the beginning to prepare for the grand finale.  Watching that first movie, I was shocked by how young all the characters were.  I remember watching Hermione meet Harry and Ron on the train for the first time, with chocolate smeared on Ron’s face.  As she closed their compartment door and walked away, I thought how interesting it was to see that first interaction now that we knew what was to come.  And it suddenly hit me that our lives are exactly like that.  

Click HERE to learn how our lives are like a movie and why we need to see it from a director’s perspective.

3 Ways to Get Into Your Creative/Spiritual Flow

I love learning what inspires other creative, spiritual people, so I thought I’d share with you how I stay connected to that white space of creativity and spiritual flow.   Click HERE to see the three resources I can’t live without.

Mindfulness for Beginners

If you think you can’t be successful without being stressed out, overwhelmed and overscheduled, then slow down and learn about mindfulness. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation, and maybe you’ve even tried it, but sitting still in silence for 15 minutes just stressed you out even more.  Mindfulness is your doorway to meditation.

Click HERE to learn how easy it is.

Experience the Shift: Mindfulness Meditation Program

This 30-day mindfulness meditation program will change your life, even if you think you can’t meditate or practice mindfulness. Because this is the easy way in. Psychologists used it on stressed-out college students. It’s not free, but it’s only $8.  Click HERE to learn more about it.

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 Using Your Four Personal Power Centers to Create Change

The Taoist Story of the Farmer and His Horse

Choose Your Thoughts To Achieve Your Goal

How to Shift From Fear to Optimism in 5 Minutes

How to Increase Your Energy Level and Live From Power

Using the Four Levels of Awareness to Live Your Best Life

3 Fun Ways to Practice Gratitude Everyday

Let Yourself Dream Big!

 Two Spiritual Lessons From Ballroom Dancing


Map of Consciousness

Map of Consciousness with 4 stages of awakening

Map of consciousness rating exercise

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