Good vs. Bad: What You Can Learn From a Farmer and His Horse

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Good vs. Bad: What You Can Learn From a Farmer and His Horse

We like to celebrate great things that happen in our lives, and we get upset when bad things happen.  Even if you try to be spiritual and mindful, learning to be non-judgmental is one of the hardest things to do.  Putting it into practice in real life is even harder.  How can we not be upset when something bad happens?

Years ago, a deer ran into my dream car after I’d had it for 2 months!  I can still remember standing there repeating obscenities as I stared at the dented hood.

It’s hard to stay centered and find something positive when “bad” things happen, but it DOES help if we can develop a broader perspective.  There’s a great story about a Taoist Farmer and His Horse that helped me learn how to do this.  Watch the video to hear it.

I might still use some obscenities if a deer runs into my car again, but I won’t hold onto that energy for long.  Now I know how to stop, take a deep breath, recenter myself, and become aware of the bigger picture.  Now I’m ok with not knowing how things will work out or why things happen.

I reached this level of awareness by using the strategies and tools in this program that I created especially for you, to help you experience the shift to appreciation, non-judgement, well-being, joy, and happiness!

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