10 Day Wise Women Writing Challenge

10 Minutes. 10 Days.

Overcome Your Writer’s Block.

Join other spiritual, midlife women to jumpstart your journaling, creative writing, or business blogging with this FREE 10 day writing challenge.

Are you feeling called towards a writing project, but you’ve been putting it off for years, possibly even decades? It’s been whirling & stirring in your mind, body, and soul for a really, really long time. Maybe you can remember writing years ago, before you bottled it all up to tend to life. You can still remember feeling alive, connected to your highest self, when you were writing. Your soul was smiling.

And if you’re being honest with yourself, you’re filled with regret for not writing now. You often think it’s too late to start.

Maybe now, you’re a perfectionist like I have been, and the longer you hold back the more paralyzed you are by the thought of finally starting.

10 day challenge to overcome writer's block

A Wise Women Writing Satsung

What if you could be surrounded by other women just like you who want to reconnect to their inner soul and jumpstart their writing?

A group practicing together creates a mystical field, a field of grace. The Sanskrit name for that is “satsung” or being in the company of the wise, with a focus on our true nature, our essential essence.

We are wise women writing to reconnect to our inner selves and answer a yearning, a calling.  We write in a safe environment together, without all of those judging perfectionist thoughts drowning out your creative muse. We write for our spiritual expansion.

You will

  • unlock the creative work stashed away in your heart

  • jumpstart a daily writing practice

  • reconnect to your soul

  • create habits & rituals for writing

  • practice self-care strategies for creatives & visionaries

  • have guided writing prompt audios to keep

  • connect with other spiritual, creative, wise women

Who is this for?

  • midlife women 

  • journalers

  • bloggers

  • memoir writers

  • fiction writers

  • poets

  • nonfiction writers

How does it work?

The writing challenge takes place in our private Facebook group.

Each morning, I’ll email and post a 10 minute downloadable audio with guided prompts, poetry or literature excerpts, and/or coaching questions for reflection.

You set aside time to listen to the audio and WRITE FOR 10 MINUTES, in your journal or on the keyboard.

We’ll follow up the writing by sharing in the FB group. You post as much or as little as you are comfortable sharing in the FB group. You can listen to the audios and not participate in the group at all if you don’t want to, although I am always inspired by fellow wise women’s comments and posts.

We’ll have daily themed topics for interaction and wisdom sharing. The daily writing sessions will incorporate prompts related to these topics.

  • Day 1: Silencing the Inner Critic: The strategy Julia Cameron uses to put it in its place
  • Day 2: Creative habits and rituals
  • Day 3: Mindset shifts for creativity
  • Day 4: Self-care for creatives & visionaries: The secret “I AM” statement that tricks your brain
  • Day 5: Gratitude & appreciation
  • Day 6: Recognizing resistance & getting unstuck
  • Day 7: Observing the details in the moment: How to use photography for your writing
  • Day 8: Listening to your inner guide: A meditation to channel writing from your inner guide
  • Day 9: Embracing the Creativity = Spirituality equation: Julia Cameron, Danielle LaPorte, Elizabeth Gilbert, Twyla Tharp & more
  • Day 10: Celebrating Intention: Party & how to keep your daily practice going.

How do I join?

Sign up here for instant access to the FB group. You can get started immediately meeting the other women and preparing for the challenge. 

10 day challenge to overcome writer's block

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Cara Moulds, a writer, journaler, photographer, artist, teacher, spiritual seeker, visionary.

I’ve been writing for my whole life. Journaling, morning pages, fiction, poetry, blog posts, non-fiction.  I’ve USED writing to get through the dark valleys of my life… through divorce, being a single mother on welfare, being estranged from my son, being in my dream job that was consuming my life. I survived every existential aspect of my life journey by writing through it.

I’m a former high school administrator and National Board Certified English Teacher, a  CTA Certified Coach, a fine art photographer with numerous exhibits including a permanent one here. I have an MLA from Johns Hopkins University with courses in literature and creative writing. I’m a spiritual seeker and lifelong learner.

I understand that writing, and all creativity, starts from the inside. I’m a master at helping you take big ideas and break them down into SMALL STEPS that you can fit into your hectic life. I understand the power of rituals and habits. This is what I’ve been doing for over 25 years: helping people dream big and achieve goals through small steps. Writing is the pathway through that journey.

cara moulds the writing temple founder