Today’s topic is something that really trips up a lot of people…kids, teenagers and adults.  It’s being intimidated by a big goal, thinking it’s too big or too far away to ever achieve it.  It’s the idea of not being able to DELAY gratification.  I see it when working with teenagers who don’t see the point in getting good grades because the pay-out doesn’t really come until they apply to college.  I’ve seen it with adults who come up with big ideas but then  don’t break them down into small steps. They focus on those big, lofty goals and realize they can’t achieve it. I call that future tripping and today’s video will show you how to avoid it.

Watch the video to see how to stop future tripping with advice from Will Smith.

(Prefer to read the transcript? Click here.)

Don’t think about the wall.  Think about today’s brick.  Remember what Lao-tzu said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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