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Use this One Word as a Red Flag

There is ONE WORD that can make a huge difference in your mindset!  If you use this ONE WORD, you will be vibrating at lower levels and if you AVOID this word, you will shift your entire mindset and raise your vibrational level.  So what is this ONE WORD??

Watch the video to find out…

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When you focus on the past, you are bringing the past into the present.  Yes, that bad thing happened in the past.  Yes, you think it’s unfair.   But your point of POWER is NOW.  Whatever you are thinking about NOW is causing your vibrational level NOW, and your vibrational level is attracting more things LIKE IT.   So if you choose to wallow in thoughts of regret or shame or anger about what happened in the past, and therefore vibrate at a low level, guess what you are attracting to you RIGHT NOW in your moment of power??  More regret, shame and anger!!  So you will CONTINUE  to experience things that you will regret or that make you mad!!

The only way to TRANSFORM your experience is to shift your thoughts to a NEW PATTERN.  You have to break the cycle.

Watch the video to see how to catch yourself and break the cycle. 

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  1. Jana May 29, 2012 at

    My favorite and your best so far. Powerful examples and clear explanations. You go girl!

  2. Cara June 1, 2012 at

    Thanks Jana!

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