The Secret to Living Your Brightest Life

  • secret to living your brightest life

I watched the shifting imagery on the screen as the technician rolled the controller over my son’s abdomen.  He was getting an ultrasound to figure out why he was having unusual pains.  I was fascinated by it, even though I had no idea what I was really looking at. It was just ripples and waves, with occasional dark spots of interesting shapes. She rolled the controller around and I watched the view shift, feeling like I was underwater, in a submersible, changing directions, exploring the unknown.

She asked him to take a deep breath and hold it. Suddenly, the screen lit up, and I was watching the sun rays filter through the depths of the ocean.  “OK, exhale,” she said, and clouds passed by overhead.  It was dark again.
“Deep breath.” Bright white light.
“Exhale.” Shades of grey.

It was magical, watching the power of our breath and the luminosity of our organs. Liver, kidney, pancreas, gall bladder.  Dense, heavy words that I had always pictured as solid objects, like the pictures in a textbook. Yet here was the liver, bright white with his breath.

The Power of Breathing

The first step in nearly every meditation or stress relieving activity is deep breathing, and now I have a visual of why it’s so important. That breath fills every cell in your body with life energy: Qi in Taoist philosophy, prana in Hindu belief, or the “breath of life” given by God to Adam in the Abrahamic creation story.  Our collective unconscious knows the power of that life energy.

You can tap into that energy and bring more of it into your body with every deep breath, especially if you visualize the breath filling you with white light.  Filling every cell in your body. Every organ, tissue, and muscle.

The Intent of Your Breath

When you practice this deep breathing, it not only relaxes you.  It takes you out of your ego and realigns you with your divine energy and highest good.  You are literally raising your vibration as you fill your body with that white light.

The more you practice this, the higher your vibration will stay, and you will be living your brightest life.

Live your Brightest Life

What does it mean to live your brightest life? The best answer for this is John Diaz’s experience of surviving a plane crash. (He really gets to it at 1:30 in the interview.)

I can still remember the first time I saw that interview and the impact it had on me. I remembered it as I sat watching every breath fill my son’s organs with bright light and felt again the truth of what Diaz said.

Now I know that when I breathe in white light, I am expanding the divine power that is already within me.  I also know that the same divine power is in you, and that you have free will to live so that it shines brightly or to live in dense, heavy shades of grey.

I hope you breathe deeply and choose the bright light.

‎”I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” –Hafiz


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