The Movie of Your Life

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I can still recall that moment of awareness, an epiphany.  I was watching the first Harry Potter movie with my son; we hadn’t seen it in many years. When The Deathly Hallows was released, we decided to watch all the movies from the beginning to prepare for the grand finale.  Watching that first movie, I was shocked by how young all the characters were.  I remember watching Hermione meet Harry and Ron on the train for the first time, with chocolate smeared on Ron’s face.  As she closed their compartment door and walked away, I thought how interesting it was to see that first interaction now that we knew what was to come.  And it suddenly hit me that our lives are exactly like that.

Our soul has the broad perspective of our lives just as I had the perspective of the whole series, while our ego-based perception is focused on the now, just as Hermione and Ron were at that first meeting – clueless about all they would experience together or that they would eventually get married.  In that moment, I understood what is meant by “deliberate creation” and began to think of my life as a movie with my soul as the writer.  My writer is taking every grand desire and preference I have and writing it into the script of my life.  My ego is like the actor, who can cooperate with the writer and bring all that to life, OR who can interfere with the writer and the script, and ruin the movie.

I want my ego to cooperate with my soul and support the script of my life. Therefore, I need to be a good director; I need to integrate my ego and bring out its very best.

What script is your soul writing for the movie of your life?

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